Negotiating Sculptures through In_Visibilities

The Case of anti-Semitic Reliefs in German Churches

  • Charlotte Püttmann University Duisburg-Essen
  • Sarah-Lea Effert University Duisburg-Essen
Keywords: sculptures, anti-Semitism, removal, historical injustice, images


In this paper, a personal exchange takes place between the authors, whose perspec- tives are informed by political philosophy and art studies. These are two disciplines heavily involved in the debate over the de_construction of monuments, statues, and sculptures. An example of such a debate is that on the anti-Semitic and so-called Ju- densau sculpture, which can still be found on the facades of many German churches. Through the lens of in_visibilities, the authors want to look at the different argu- ments made for the preservation of the sculptures or for their removal: What makes these sculptures in_visible? Why should they be made, or remain, in_visible?