Transtopian Moves

The Rhizome in Jonas Carpignano’s Feature Films Mediterranea (2015) and A Ciambra (2017)

  • Andreas Hudelist Klagenfurt University, Austria
Keywords: migration, lines of flight, Jonas Carpignano, rhizome, distribution of the sensible


Film comes to its fore as a cultural product, which frames social experiences, relations, and is constructed through these itself. Dealing with our current global and fluid society the analysis will focus on constructions of marginalized individuals who challenge the viewers with their modulations and variations of identifications. Being (someone) evades the subject of becoming, which as an empty subject makes the potential of alternatives transparent and invites us to pursue lived connections, and not only in human-to-human relationships. Following Stuart Hall (1994), this is where a transtopian space is created, which not only collects and allows common knowledge, but also gives space to something new to emerge. The movies Mediterranea and A Ciambra by Jonas Carpignano show us a current picture of marginalized people as well as a rhizome of migration with line of flights.

Author Biography

Andreas Hudelist, Klagenfurt University, Austria

Andreas Hudelist studied media and communications and German philology at Klagenfurt University and the University of Belgrade. He received his PhD in media and communications with an empirical work on performative arts. He teaches at Klagenfurt University and the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences. His research focuses on cultural studies, film and television studies, media philosophy, and media pedagogy.