Caught in the net. The emergence of network society between utopia and reality

  • Said El Mtouni


The focal point of this work is the history of network society in the European context. It examines the historical conditions of a now ubiquitous discourse about networks, and uncovers the ideological veil of the utopias presented in the 1990’s, such as the emancipation of women or the individual, as well as community participation in new media technologies. The author is harsh with big media companies and criticizes the mass media logic that equates to commercial online media, which serves to establish a normative subjectivity. Eventually, alternative proposals are presented, which suggest new ways of dealing with the Internet.

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El Mtouni, Said. 2016. “Caught in the Net. The Emergence of Network Society Between Utopia and Reality”. KULT_online, no. 47 (July).