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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • The contribution is unpublished and not under review by any other journal.
  • All rights to the contribution belong to the author. All quotes and references are marked in accordance with academic standards.
  • The file is submitted as a MS Word (.doc/x) document.
  • The contribution meets the stylistic and bibliographical standards provided in the guidelines for authors.
  • The contribution will be published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.
  • Together with the contribution, corresponding personal and metadata will be published (Name, Affiliation, E-Mail, Personal Website).

Author Guidelines

Any contribution to KULT_online should be original work and be previously unpublished. All manuscripts will be screened by the plagiarism detection software Plagaware.

The contributions have to be submitted online via OJS. Please login first before you upload your review/report. New users of KULT_online need to register first. Do not hesitate to contact the editorial department for any further information.

Specific Guidelines for BOOK REVIEWS:

  • Review title in German and English
  • Abstract of the Review (max. 500 char., without spaces) in German and English
  • Elaborate discussion of the book with well-founded valuation (ca. 5,000 char., without spaces)
  • Complete bibliographical information on the book (see below)
  • Photo of the book cover (width 120 pixel, 72 dpi, *jpg format)

To provide complete bibliographical information on the reviewed book, use the following template:

  • Surname, Name [Surname, Name and Name Surname] (ed.): Titel. Subtitle. City/City: Publishing House, Year. XX pages, XX EUR/USD/GBP. ISBN: XYZ.

Specific Guidelines for REPORTS

  • Title (Conference Report on »Title of Conference«)
  • Event, institution and location (in its original language), Date of conference (e.g. Conference Report on “The Arts of Mediation” European PhD-Network "Literary and Cultural Studies", Catholic University of Lisbon, 17 – 19 March 2010)
  • At least one photograph or picture (e.g. the conference's poster) and, if available, additional photographs of the conference or the location
  • Conference report (see guidelines below)
  • If available, information about publication of the conference lectures
  • Conference outline, ordered by topics without time specifications (see guidelines below)
  • First mentioning of the speaker’s names in capital letters and without academic titles, including the affiliation in brackets: FIRST NAME LAST NAME (City).
  • Please be vigilant about diacritical marks, such as tilde, trema, breve etc.

Conference outline guidelines:

Please structure the conference outline by topics and without time or location specifications. Please mention section titles, speakers with affiliation, and the titles of the lectures.

Title of the section

First name last name (Institution, location): "Title of the lecture"

First name last name (Institution, location): "Title of the lecture"

General Text Guidelines:

  • Since your text is going to be read on the screen, please use clear formulations and rather short sentences.
  • Please make sure to use gender-inclusive language in your contribution. When writing in German, please use an underscore (e.g. Autor_in).
  • Structure your text in paragraphs. If certain parts of your text seem too long, please make use of structuring subheadings.
  • Please format the document as little as possible: Avoid tab stops with space characters or tabulators. Do not separate words manually and do not write headings in capital letters.
  • Numeric characters from one to twelve are written in full and not shown as numeric characters (with 5th century, the "th" is not elevated).
  • Before and after "…" as well as before and after "–", there should be a space, unless it is followed by a punctuation mark: "…!"
  • Please do not use abbreviations in the text. Names of organisations are written out when first mentioned (with the common abbreviations in brackets). The abbreviation can be used from then on in the text. Please write out the authors’ first names.
  • All quotations (words, parts of a sentence, sentences) in the text are marked by double quotation marks. The quotations are followed by a reference to the page of the reviewed book in parentheses (p. X). Quotations within a quotation are marked by single quotation marks. Every rewording or respelling of the original has to be enclosed in square brackets. Omissions are represented by an ellipsis (three dots) in square brackets […]. Please note that one blank follows “cf.” and precedes “f.”. Dashes without blanks (instead of short hyphens) are usually used when meaning “from … too” (i.e. between dates or page numbers).
  • Double quotation marks are reserved for quotations. The meta-linguistic use of certain terms, distancing, etc. is marked by single quotation marks.
  • Foreign words are written in italics and spelled in the original language. KULT_online is an interdisciplinary magazine, so please do not use foreign words too often and, if you do, explain them.
  • Titles of works (books, magazines, works of art, films, games …) are set in italics, as well. However, titles of essays, articles, book chapters, and lecture titles are marked by double quotation marks.
  • Please avoid any other typographical accentuation (bold, underlined …). Emphases can be marked by italics.
  • The format of KULT_online doesn’t allow footnotes. If you want to refer to other books, please provide a reference in parentheses. Example: „Was zwischen zweien passiert, wie zwischen Leben und Tod und zwischen allen anderen ‚zweien’, die man sich vorstellen mag, das kann sich nur dazwischen halten und nähren dank eines Spuks.“ (Jacques Derrida: Marx’ Gespenster. Der verschuldete Staat, die Trauerarbeit und die neue Internationale. Frankfurt a. M. 1995, S. 10).
  • Please use American English spelling when writing your submission in English.