Doing Fieldwork in Revolutionary Times

  • Mina Adel Ibrahim Doctoral Student


In her second monograph, Giving to God: Islamic Charity in Revolutionary Times, anthropologist Amira Mittermaier illustrates the complex meanings and definitions of doing fieldwork in times when Egyptians witnessed a glimpse of change or at least heard about it. She analyzes completely overlooked charitable spaces and life stories that also exist at the center of Egyptians’ aspirations and anxieties. Beyond exploring the Tahrir Square of the revolutionaries and the mega-architectural projects that embody the counterrevolutionary agenda, Mittermaier meets with donors and recipients of different Islamic modes, ethics, and temporalities of giving. Her book chapters “invite a rethinking and open up our political-ethical imagination” (p. 16) of what anthropology can and cannot do in a “profoundly unequal world” (p. 17).

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