Falling, Dropping, Plunging. An Interdisciplinary Dialog


  • Ruben Pfizenmaier GCSC


In Was der Fall ist ... Prekäre Choreographien, Winfried Gerling and Fabian Goppelsröder investigate falling and plunging – in reference to paintings and photographs, literature and philosophy, specifically and figuratively. As the first issue of the newly founded series “Zwiegespräche”, published by Kulturverlag Kadmos, it attempts to create an interdisciplinary dialog, contentual as well as formal and in its material appearance. Debated and reflected are Kleist and Heidegger, photographic documentations of extreme sport and avant-garde works of art. What finally emerges is a sometimes disjointed, often inspiring but always elaborate and stirringly composed essay of two voices.

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Pfizenmaier, Ruben. 2018. “Falling, Dropping, Plunging. An Interdisciplinary Dialog”. KULT_online, no. 55 (August). https://doi.org/10.22029/ko.2018.207.