Reciprocities between Political Thought and Political Culture: Hannah Arendt and America

  • Anne-Kathrin Weber


In Arendt and America, Richard H. King examines the fascinating relationship between the political theory of Hannah Arendt and the country to which she, as a German Jew, immigrated in 1941. King argues that Arendt left important traces on the political culture of the USA, and that America, in turn, influenced Arendt profoundly. Among others, the author addresses Arendt’s stances on racial inequality in the US, the American Revolution, and her polarizing report Eichmann in Jerusalem and the subsequent controversy over it. In his densely written study, King presupposes his reader’s knowledge of the history and the contents of the American, but also the European, traditions of thought, as well as of Hannah Arendt’s political theory in general.

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