'For six days I’ve only dreamt of Lancelot' – Early modern reception of the Middle Ages between castles in the air and dusty tomes

  • Anna Isabell Wörsdörfer


In this volume, Michèle Guéret-Laferté and Claudine Poulouin bring together several articles concerning early modern ways of access to medieval – essentially belletristic – literature. Assuming one common perspective, the authors aim to examine the modalities of text transmission. By means of this priority shift to the external imposed conditions of reception, the anthology constitutes a well-founded, epoch-crossing counterpart to existing studies concerning literary representations of the Middle Ages.

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Wörsdörfer, Anna Isabell. 2014. “’For Six Days I’ve Only Dreamt of Lancelot’ – Early Modern Reception of the Middle Ages Between Castles in the Air and Dusty Tomes”. KULT_online, no. 40 (October). https://doi.org/10.22029/ko.2014.861.