Criticism of the University

  • Jennifer Ch. Müller


The educationists Ingrid Lohmann, Sinah Mielich, Florian Muhl, Karl-Josef Pazzini, Laura Rieger, and Eva Wilhelm accomplish with their volume Schöne neue Bildung? Zur Kritik der Universität der Gegenwart (Brave New Educaion? For a Critique of the Contemporary University) an astute contribution to the discussion of the politicization of higher education development. The 14 essays gathered outline the background of the current tertiary school restructuring and the opposition to the redefinition of higher education structures and functions. Some attention is given to the idea of university as a public (time-)space and the necessary measures needed to establish such a democratic form. The collaborative project of a conference of teachers and students is here transformed into an impressive publication, which can be regarded as a role model for equally important scientific work.

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