'Art of the State:' Societal Pressures and State Responses in Late Yugoslav Socialism

  • Zoran Vuckovac GCSC


The collection of articles titled Social Inequalities and Discontent in Yugoslav Socialism and published as a part of Routledge’s Southeast European Studies revisits some of the numerous neuralgic spots of mid and late Yugoslav socialism. The authors engage with the work of Yugoslav sociologists of the time and further enrich their work with original qualitative sources regarding social stratification and reproduction of inequalities in terms of education, housing, ethnicity, gender, migration, political power(lessness) and consumer power. Though individual articles seem to be somewhat disconnected, the book’s diversity in terms of contributors’ disciplines and the topics addressed promises a good read for the experienced researchers and newcomers alike to the curious case of socialist Yugoslavia. 

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Vuckovac, Zoran. 2018. “’Art of the State:’ Societal Pressures and State Responses in Late Yugoslav Socialism”. KULT_online, no. 56 (November). https://doi.org/10.22029/ko.2018.231.