On Versatile Terms: Film Style

  • Leonie Schmidt Justus-Liebig Universität Gießen


Filmic discourses are hardly imaginable without the usage of the term ‘film style’. However, at second glance, the application of the term across disciplinary, temporal, and regional borders appears to be surprisingly versatile. Filmstil. Perspektivierungen eines Begriffs, edited by Julian, Blunk, Tina Kaiser, Dietmar Kammerer, and Chris Wahl is the result of a research network cooperation between Marburg, Potsdam, Zurich, and Vienna and successfully aspires to academically frame this versatility. In fifteen contributions that range from broad, introductory overviews to individual in-depth studies of particular stylistic devices, the researchers explore the various meanings and functions of film style from theoretical, historical, and methodological perspectives between film studies and the science of art.

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